Monday, June 17, 2013

High expectations and what should be done with them.

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This month was a big month for me. A lot of exciting things were happing that I got to see/experience. First off my favorite singer Darren Criss is going on a nation wide tour this summer and I was able to see him in concert at the beginning of this month . This was a huge deal for me and I expected everything to be perfect. EVERYTHING. It had to be the best night of my entire life up to that point. The next thing was  the movie Man of Steel  coming out and as my blog title indicates I am a HUGE fan of Superman and like the above concert I expected  everything to go perfectly .I expected  to be able to see the movie at midnight and that it was going to the best movie ever. I spent weeks ( for the concert since i didn't know it was happening till late April) and years ( I have been a superman fan for a while and found out this movie was going to happen in 2010. I have been looking forward to it ever since then.) imagining what those events would be like. Needless to say a lot of pressure was riding on these things the be fabulous.
Now that both things are finished I can say that they didn't live even close to those expectations.

This image flashed in my head as I thought about even typing that last line.

Of course I knew they wouldn't. Nothing in life ever works that well.  I've lived enough on this earth to know that if you go in with expectations too high then you will always be disappointed. I mean I went to the concert thinking that nothing would keep me from being able to see Darren really well only to get block by people standing in front of me who were taller then me. Which was  something I seemed to have not  thought of as a possibility. Which in hindsight is incredibly stupid but unavoidable with the mindset I had. I simply  wouldn't allow myself to think of the negative things that might have happen going in because it would have ruined my excitement  for it and that seemed worse to me. I couldn't let that happen . That kept me in that mindset and  I let the expectations blind me of negative possibilities. 

A similar thing happened  when my plans for seeing Man of Steel at midnight fell through. I had  wanted to go to the midnight opening along with the other die-hard fans who went out to see it but those plans fell through .I went to see it the next day but it wasn't  quite the same . Also when I watch the movie I  expected to find it to be much better then it ended it up being. Again I had fallen victim to the high expectations I placed on those events. 

I mean both of these  experiences  were great but because I came in with these expectations the experiences  were bound to fail me and after having my expectations shattered I couldn't help but feel really stupid. I  should have  known better than to keep my  expectations so high it was begging for trouble.  
So what should I do in the future. Should I  do the reverse? Should I  kept my expectations so low that it feels like a drag to enjoy experiences  that I might of originally been to excited for. Sure I might  enjoy those things  a lot more  if I expected them to be horrible but how would that translate to total enjoyment of something when I would never look forward to anything. That doesn't seem like a great idea to me.The best answer I have  for it is that I should aim to have expectation  that coincide with the realities of the event.Be prepared for the worst but  hope for the best and while that sounds great in writing in practice it is going to be hard to do.

So I  ask this question to anybody who reads this. What do you do about high expectations. Do you keep them high for some things only to know that you will get disappointed or do you do the reverse and go in with low expectations?

 (Also this is my first full blog post, if anybody would like to give me CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM  that will help me become a better writer please do.)

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,



  1. Hey sweetie, great job with the layout, I love it!! :)

    I'm sorry those events didn't turn out like you excepted, I know you were looking forward to them. I hope you still had fun!!

    I know it's going to sound so cliché, but I try to make the best of any situation, whether it's how I planned it or not. Granted, wanting more out of something means you might get disappointed in the long run, but if you go in with low expectations, you might not enjoy the moment/event when it happens (does that make sense)? You deserve great things, and I'm sorry it seems things don't work out the way you want them. I've been there (many times). And I know it's the "Sunday School answer", but everything happens in God's timing, not our own. That is one lesson I'm still learning about life. Trust me!

    I love your blog, I'm so excited you started it!! I can't wait to read more!

    Love you!!
    Aunt Rachel

  2. Wow sweetie, these two posts are fabulous! I'm very proud of you. About expectations...first, be excited. Why ever not?Second, accept there will be a letdown if only that the event is over. Third, do not mourn that it is over or didn't meet your expectations, be glad that it happened, and be glad for the heart stopping moments of anticipation you had along the way! Where else do we get such joy, but in anticipation? :-) Good one ya chickie. Keep it up! Love, Moms


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