Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Writing Wednesday II

So today is the day I  bring  a piece of writing of mine in some form. Today it is a poem.

To That Future Soulmate 

My Love, My Life
My Protector, My Angel
My Confidence, My Best Friend
My someone to share my everything with

What would I do to meet you?
How could I find you?
Since your one in a million that makes chances slim
If we do meet, how would it happen?
Would we, sit next to each other on a bus?
Run into each other on the street?
Or will we distantly stare into space
until one of us meets the others eyes.

Or will I have know your forever
That person that has always been there
The first person I kissed
That person that makes me
feel normal and special at the same time
That person that cared when no one else would or could
That one constant person in my life, I would never want to lose

Would we have an eternal bond?
The kind where I am a part of your soul just like you mine
Could it stand the test of time?
Could no one keep us apart
without us finding each other again?

Would you be there through thick and thin, no matter the outcome?
Would you leave me brokenhearted, only to realize that’s not what
either of us wanted?
Would you die for me, like I for you?
Could you even kill for me?
Even though that is something you would never do.

Would you go to the ends of the earth and hell to protect me?
Could you trust that I would do the very same thing for you?

For you, my love, are a part of my soul
A piece of me that I will never give up
That could be our greatest strength
And even possibly our greatest weakness
For I know there is no me without you, or you without me

That's all for now, Have a blessed day,



Monday, April 28, 2014

Relaxation Monday II

Song of the Day: Take The A Train  - Duke Ellington

Time for  another round of relaxation monday. So here take a seat, grab a cup of tea and enjoy a stream of funny, pretty, and cute things. I hope it brightens your day.

Take a moment to imagine all your stress and pain washing away in the waters  in this vid.


Now  come back for a little more hilarity.

That's All For Now. Have A Blessed Day,

Remember That.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Big 2-1!

So Today is my 21st Birthday which is one of those landmark birthday's for people. At least in America. For me it is special because It marks what I like to call my last Childhood birthdays. You know the big ones that people go through when they grow up , 13, 16, 18 then finally 21. The rest after that are just adult birthday's in my opinion. So in a way all though I have been a adult for three years now. Today is the day I really say goodbye to my childhood.

This is fitting because Harry Potter was such a big part of my childhood.

As I enter this next faction of my life. I can't help but be nervous. Where will I go when I graduate college? Will I have a job? Will I be abel to get my dream job?
and the most important one.

Will I be able to pay off my student loans?

I could  go party tonight and  feel like this.

Except my love life. I  couldn't give a fuck about that right now.

                    All these things kinda scare me. They scare everyone honestly. 

 This is what my mind does when I start thinking about this stuff.

On the flip side, I recongize, this next tens years espceically, will probably be some of the best times in my life. I will see new places. Experience new things I couldn't have even dreamed of and I am excited about that. SO MUCH!!

This is my dream city. I will get there. I don't care if  I have to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

So its with thought that I say goodbye for today. I'm going to go celebrate this landmark.

That's All For Now, Have a Blessed Day,



Friday, April 25, 2014

Love the Christian. Not the Opinion

Song of the Day : Lifesong - Casting Crowns

So I  am  not sure If I have mentioned before here  that I am a Christian. I believe in God. I believe he sent his son Jesus to us  to sacrifice himself for our sins because he loves us. I also  understand that not everybody ,no matter how much I persuade them, will believe that. It makes me sad but I understand.

I understand. It's fine.

I mention that only as a preface to say that I am not about to preach at you. In fact this in more amid at my brothers and sisters in Christ because we have some serious problems  going on in our religion. These misunderstanding have effected the image of Christianity to the world and I would like for anyone who reads this who isn't a christan to understand more about what Christianity is suppose to be about as well as talk to my fellow Christian's about how we present ourselves to the world. So buckle up your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen because this is about to get bumpy.

Know that I love you all. Ok?

To start out I would like to show an example of what I mean by we have problems with how the world views us brothers and sisters in Christ.  In the past year or Pope Francis  has be making the news a lot for saying things and supporting things that go against the Catholic rhetoric and seemingly something that a Christian  , much less a Christian leader would say. This a great thing.  It makes me very happy to see a pope who has a more inclusive  viewpoint

Plus he is one of the most photogenic popes we have had in a long time

Or take a recent story about the leader of a christan band who had zero problems with  homosexuality. Again it is wonderful to see.

The  problem  starts with the fact that a viewpoint like his seems new to  the world. Or at least to the media. While I know there are still a lot of bigoted viewpoints in the church and many people still hold on to those viewpoints. I want to make the point that most Christians aren't like that at all. Even a lot of Christians who may share the bigots opinions don't do it for the hate filled reason's a lot of people think they do. The problem is that those of us who want to show god's love no matter what  are the ones who are staying way to silent and those with the louder, idiotic voice are the ones the world keeps hearing.

That is what, brothers and sisters in Christ need to fix. We need to get up and show god's love and acceptance of everything. We need to show those who are jaded by the church what living in Christ is really like. We need to show the non christan world that we are not what the loud bigoted voices make us out to be. Its time for the sane Christians to show  the love that god has given to us to those who need it. 

Also when I say we need to show it . I  am being very literally. We need to SHOW it. Through  how we treat other. Show the love and forgiveness we have received by giving it to other. I know that's not easy to do. I'm not great at it either but it is important. I have seen plenty of well meaning Christians yelling at people about how they are going to help for not believe in god and  sometimes it makes me mad to see them do it because it is hard to convince someone of anything by yelling at them. I don't think I could get anyone to respect Christianity that way much less be saved.

No. We need to just live for God and show his love through our actions and if people find they want that life then tell them how. If not just continue to love and support them in every way. That is what Jesus did and that as a christan is aperson we should also strive to be like.To those of who read this and aren't Christian I hope you learned that most Christians are not  the bigots you hear yelling. Instead they are that friend who asks you if you need prayer because that is the best way they know

So dear readers, What  do yo think about this. Are you a christan who has a similar problem that I have with are religion? Do you think it is less of a problem or more of one? Do you think  there is another problem I didn't hit on. ( I am always up for learning something I didn't know). Same  things to my readers of other faiths or non faith. Is their something you think I missed about the world's view of Christianity?
Let me know in the comments in below.

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,


Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Of The Things I Love About College

 Song of the Day: Ordinary People - John Legend

So I know I have been raging on the stress life has been giving me and  if you looked at my profile you know that I am in college.

Ha. If I only had the time.

College can be stressful. That is true in spades but there are little moments when the people at your school remind you of the great possibilities that living on or going to college can bring.

And I don't mean anything like these .You perverts.

No. Today I was reminded of what groups of people can do to help  the world they live in and how much that can happen on a college campus.

First off. I was leaving class when I spotted a group of students who were actually trying to get a petition to get the school better lighting and everyone was signing it. It was inspiring to see so many people actually notice and care about a problem going on around them enough to show their support to change it. Especially because this petition may actually get somewhere unlike some online petition which despite the good intentions never actually reach the groups of people that the petition hoped to change.

Me signing online petition and hoping they get somewhere.

So I signed the petition, wished them good luck and went on my way. Then I saw something really cool farther down my  route back to my dorm.  There was a group of girls  who had a signing board for gender equality . They also had this information board to help students understand feminism a little better.

It was mostly to make men understand feminism better. They need the most help.

They also were giving out really cute balloon messages

Because Yes.

I know this things aren't super amazing but seeing things like them everyday  helps restore my faith in humanity a little bit each time on of these things are brought to light on my campus. I  see these things and  know there are people out there who want to make a change. It inspires me to want ot help change the world too.


 That's one of the reasons I love college. It's a place for people to connect and educate others on their life experiences and also get together to change injustices that they find in the world. Something that is kind of hard when you just have to find people on the street.

The meeting for groups started that way usually end up like this.

Colleges are places where information can be exchanged. New ideas can form and people can get together to do amazing things. Or just really good things like try to spread  information about feminism and help the campus get better lighting.

So Dear Readers. Are any of you still in college right now?  Are any of you in groups that want to help change things on this planet in anyway or bring new information to help enlighten people's understanding of the world? If your done with college do remember a time when you did something like that during the years you went to school?

That's it for now. Have a blessed day,


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Writing Wednesday

Song Of the Day: Don't Speak - No Doubt 

So I like to write.  I though that every  wednesday I would post some sort of writing. Most likely stories. The first few weeks of this will be stuff i have written before. After a wile i will write new stories for  this post , possibly fanfiction. Some of this thing will be short  and I will post the whole thing or two of them in the post. Other times I may have a series of post over one story. So look out some interesting things may happen.

Crazy things may happen!

Here are today's stories

Date Night

Blaine stared at the sky. The stars twinkled brightly promising a hopeful night. Then he looked down. He was sitting on his front porch waiting for his girlfriend Anna to arrive so they could spend some time together. It had been nearly ten months since he last saw her. That was when she deployed on her first mission. Now she had a small break before her second deployment. Just long enough to visit her loved ones. So he knew tonight had to be special. So he kept waiting… and waiting but she never came. Finally he gave up and went to bed. The next morning a man in uniform showed up at his door and he knew why he didn’t see Anna last night and also why he would never see her again.

What's Left To Be Scared Of?

She felt it take over her. The programing. She sensed her emotions as they drained out of her body. All the fear, hate, sadness, and other feelings that came out of the darkness washed away. For just a moment she felt truly peaceful and content. Unfortunately that moment of peace quickly faded as the other part of the programing hit and all those lovely emotions like peace, hope, and love were also drained out of her. She knew that was the price. The only way to  lose all the fear she had. She just had not realized everything she would lose with the transformation but as the programing continued the full price really hit her. Now she was beginning to understand.

As the programming neared the end of the transformation she felt the last emotion she would ever feel: regret. Regret at choosing  this transformation.Regret that she couldn't face the things in the dark that followed her but those fear had taken her over. This felt like the only way to escape.and she  had wanted  the escape so badly that she didn’t pay attention to what the price would be. Which she really should have thought through since the price was her very essence: her soul.

The transformation continued.One moment before the transformation was complete a small bitter thought entered her head, “What’s left to be scared of , if you have nothing there at all” Before she could ponder what that meant to her the program finished the transformation and the last bit of her soul drained out of her. All that was left was a cold biological machine.

I realize those stories are a bit dark. This should help lighten the mood.

So what did you think dear readers. Did you enjoy those stories? Did you completely hate them? Tell me in the comments below. 

That's All for Now. Have A Blessed Day,



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You'll Laugh About This Later

Song of The Day:I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy

So I went out with some friends tonight and one thing lead to another and we started talking about our childhoods. It didn't take  two seconds before something that mortified us when we were kids turned into the funniest shit we had ever heard.

The whole car devolved into this.

You know the old expression you'll laugh about this later. It's one of those phrase you hear all the time but never really think about.Then one day it just clicks and you start to understand it . Tonight was sort of that night for me. Mostly because even my most embarrassing story wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was  and everyone had there own special embarrassing stories. It felt great that this idea finally sunk into my brain.

This was my face after it sunk.

As I thought about it later though  I began to think of all the uses that phrase has been used.  It occurred to me that it  is said in a wide range of negative experiences some of which are not something that can really every be laughed  about.

Yes I will always laugh about that time my pet died in an accident.

Which in turn leads me to the question. When is the phrase you'll laugh about this later appropriate? When should we use it?

I would like to think that it should only be used in time when the person saying it knows for a fact that it is something that can be easily gotten over in time. Telling someone that they will eventually laugh about the fact that someone took advantage of them is just never going to be true.

It's always great to laugh about the time that someone used me.

There are just some things that the phrase you'll laugh about this later do not apply. Yet there is always one douchebag that will say it anyway even when it so clear that it is something touchy to the person they were talking to. Just to get them angry.

Don't be that douchebag, ladies and gentlemen,

Most people aren't  douchebags though  and sometimes people say this to try and make people feel better in the moment. That is noble and in certain situations it is a repsonsible response.

Like that time that you accidentally burned yourself playing with fire.

Then there are sometimes  it  is the worst thing you can say because there are time when  people need to understand that somethings we can't just laugh about later. There are negative experiences that are too heavy for that and they need to be treated as such or the person experiencing them may not be able to  understand the emotions that they  may experience over  that event in the future.

This will be them and nothing will be alright.

 So dear readers. Do you agree with me? Do you think  there are some situations that the phrase you'll laugh about this later are inappropriate? Or do you have a different opinion? I would love to know in the comments below.

That's all for now. Have a blessed day,