Thursday, April 17, 2014

Idiot Stress

Song Of the Day: Under Pressure  - The Used/My Chemical Romance (originally by Queen)

Stress. Probably on the top ten list of most used and least liked words of every  human  on the planet. There are many types of stress we  humans go through. Emotional, Physical , Social etc.... All have different effects on us but today I  want to focus on one type of stress. The stress that I seem to let myself get into over and over again despite it being obvious after the first time to never let my life get this kind of stress again.

I call it the bite- off - more- than- you -can-chew-stress or (I'm a) idiot stress for short.

So the idiot stress starts like this. I put myself into too many classes or groups (or work) then as crunch time happens  I wish I was dead. I have done this multiple times in my life and will probably do it again . The reason I  am trying to understand is why? The answer to that is  complicated but I feel that many people get themselves into this type of stress. So I do believe that there is something universal  about the  idea that we allow idiot stress into our lives.

I saw the opportunity and took it. Wouldn't You?

 I believe there are three  possible actions we take that led to the idiot stress. ( mind you sometimes you only need one , two , or all three of these things to expreince the idiot stress)

1. We overestimate our abilities when getting into new projects.( or class-loads if in school )

2. We underestimate our work load

3. We probably could have handled the workload but we didn't manage our time well and now everything is due at once.

So  number one. Now I think everyone in the world  has had a moment where they though, sure, I can do that and they were totally wrong. There are whole websites devoted to these kind of choices.

For Example.

So it makes sense that if say you went into a  semester  of college with 15 hours of advance classwork,  a team sport, different groups, and some semblance of a social life that it was within your capabilities to have all of those things. Because why not? Your smart after all. Then you go in and you find that you  can't manage half of that and you have to cut out some of that or you'll go ax crazy.

Then there is number two  in which you didn't think of yourself as more but you underestimate how hard something was going to be for you.

How was I suppose to know an advance class in an language I barely know was going to be hard?

Then finally number 3. You could have handled it fine if you  had managed you time better aka no procrastination . This one here is my hang up. I like to do writing last minute because of the adrenaline boost it gives me. That can usually work for me as long as it is not to close to a deadline ( and by too close I mean  the class is more than three hours away) but  there are just some things you cannot wait till the last minute for or be late on. 

What do you mean no extensions? 

Whatever caused that idiot stress. It has now come in with full force.So what to do about it. There are many things. Meditate. Exercise. Watch Netflix.Lay in bed in a fetal position and cry. Everyone has different ways of coping with stress. One of my favorite ways is to sing this little tune.

    WARNING * This contains strong language*

After you have lasted through the idiot stress and gotten through what was causing it. I think it is a great idea to look over what caused it and try to not make those mistakes again.I don't know how  effective this has been for me but  in some cases it has helped.

So dear readers, how about you. Have you experienced the idiot stress. How many times have you experienced the idiot stress? Are your currently experiencing the idiot stress? Finally, in what was do you coupe with the stress? Let me know in the comments below.

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,

Go get some food. It is a great stress reliever.


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