Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Writing Wednesday

Song Of the Day: Don't Speak - No Doubt 

So I like to write.  I though that every  wednesday I would post some sort of writing. Most likely stories. The first few weeks of this will be stuff i have written before. After a wile i will write new stories for  this post , possibly fanfiction. Some of this thing will be short  and I will post the whole thing or two of them in the post. Other times I may have a series of post over one story. So look out some interesting things may happen.

Crazy things may happen!

Here are today's stories

Date Night

Blaine stared at the sky. The stars twinkled brightly promising a hopeful night. Then he looked down. He was sitting on his front porch waiting for his girlfriend Anna to arrive so they could spend some time together. It had been nearly ten months since he last saw her. That was when she deployed on her first mission. Now she had a small break before her second deployment. Just long enough to visit her loved ones. So he knew tonight had to be special. So he kept waiting… and waiting but she never came. Finally he gave up and went to bed. The next morning a man in uniform showed up at his door and he knew why he didn’t see Anna last night and also why he would never see her again.

What's Left To Be Scared Of?

She felt it take over her. The programing. She sensed her emotions as they drained out of her body. All the fear, hate, sadness, and other feelings that came out of the darkness washed away. For just a moment she felt truly peaceful and content. Unfortunately that moment of peace quickly faded as the other part of the programing hit and all those lovely emotions like peace, hope, and love were also drained out of her. She knew that was the price. The only way to  lose all the fear she had. She just had not realized everything she would lose with the transformation but as the programing continued the full price really hit her. Now she was beginning to understand.

As the programming neared the end of the transformation she felt the last emotion she would ever feel: regret. Regret at choosing  this transformation.Regret that she couldn't face the things in the dark that followed her but those fear had taken her over. This felt like the only way to escape.and she  had wanted  the escape so badly that she didn’t pay attention to what the price would be. Which she really should have thought through since the price was her very essence: her soul.

The transformation continued.One moment before the transformation was complete a small bitter thought entered her head, “What’s left to be scared of , if you have nothing there at all” Before she could ponder what that meant to her the program finished the transformation and the last bit of her soul drained out of her. All that was left was a cold biological machine.

I realize those stories are a bit dark. This should help lighten the mood.

So what did you think dear readers. Did you enjoy those stories? Did you completely hate them? Tell me in the comments below. 

That's All for Now. Have A Blessed Day,



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