Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Writing Wednesday II

So today is the day I  bring  a piece of writing of mine in some form. Today it is a poem.

To That Future Soulmate 

My Love, My Life
My Protector, My Angel
My Confidence, My Best Friend
My someone to share my everything with

What would I do to meet you?
How could I find you?
Since your one in a million that makes chances slim
If we do meet, how would it happen?
Would we, sit next to each other on a bus?
Run into each other on the street?
Or will we distantly stare into space
until one of us meets the others eyes.

Or will I have know your forever
That person that has always been there
The first person I kissed
That person that makes me
feel normal and special at the same time
That person that cared when no one else would or could
That one constant person in my life, I would never want to lose

Would we have an eternal bond?
The kind where I am a part of your soul just like you mine
Could it stand the test of time?
Could no one keep us apart
without us finding each other again?

Would you be there through thick and thin, no matter the outcome?
Would you leave me brokenhearted, only to realize that’s not what
either of us wanted?
Would you die for me, like I for you?
Could you even kill for me?
Even though that is something you would never do.

Would you go to the ends of the earth and hell to protect me?
Could you trust that I would do the very same thing for you?

For you, my love, are a part of my soul
A piece of me that I will never give up
That could be our greatest strength
And even possibly our greatest weakness
For I know there is no me without you, or you without me

That's all for now, Have a blessed day,



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