Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Even Our Dreams

Song of the Day:Bravado -Lorde
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So a quote from Spiderman II had been stuck in my head for a while.

"Sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most... even our dreams"
Its one those obviously inspiration quotes  but  as of late in my life it has held a special meaning.

I have mentioned before that I am in colorguard . It has a faction of it called winterguard. (for more info on that click here) There are many winterguard groups of many sizes that compete in many different places but in the winterguard world nothing is bigger than Winter Guard International. Or spefically the Winterguard International  World Championships held in April every year.

If colorguard was a religion, this would be our mecca.

Now I have done winterguard before  but I have never been able to be in a WGI competing winterguard. I have dreamed of doing it ever since I learned what it was.

This is what I look like when I think about going to WGI championships.

Right now I am of  the age ,experience and talent to not only go to WGI but be in a big group that everybody would watch. Even one that might win. However every year that I try to do it something gets in the way. My most recent try at being in a group that performs at this event was a group called Brenham Independent. They were good. Really good and I got through the audition fine but then reality reminded me of two things.

I had neither the time nor the money to pursue this dream. It killed me inside to tell them no. I still regret that heavily especially as that guard went  on to beat 80 or so groups to get second place. I knew that I had missed out on something amazing. However if you asked me if I could go back and change that decision you know what I would do.

I would do nothing.

I wouldn't  go back and say yes to that because I know that with the workload and lack of money I had this semester I would have even less money and  I would probably be failing college because I didn't have the time to work on the classwork I needed to . As much as I regret that I couldn't have performed with that group I knew that was the best choice.

This bring me back to the quote I have been thinking about.It  says you have to be steady and possible give up  a dream or two or least put them on hold to  ensure your future. I now understand that and I know that my dream can still come true. I just have to be steady and ensure that  trying to get it when I am not ready won't kill my future in the process.

So I ask you this dear readers.  Have you ever had to put a dream on hold or give it up entirely to make sure that your future was secure. If  so do you still regret not reaching that dream or having to wait for it longer? Please tell me in the comments.

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,

I could think of no better send off then this. Seriously. Just feel that kiss.



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  1. Yes. I gave up a dream once, but had several taken away from me before I did. The dream I gave up resulted in three beautiful daughters. Not a bad trade off.:-) You guys are the dream I didn't know I had. <3


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