Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty Everywhere

Song:  Beauty - Starship- Team Starkid

Have you taken a  look outside your window lately? Just gone over and taken a good look. What did you see? If you haven't done this yet  you should put the computer down for  just a minute and look out your window.

Here is the view from my window. I think its fabulous.

I bet some of you probably didn't think that my window view was all that fabulous.  I understand. I mean looking at  my window view it doesn't seem all that great. It certainly doesn't comapare to something like this

Someday I will see this window view. Count on it.

So why then would I still keep such a high opinion of  my window view? It  seems so inferior compared to that view from San Francisco.  Why should I even care about my dinky little window view?

The answer is simple.
Because it is MY window.

  I get to see that window everyday and you know what I am blessed that I do. I think people tend to underestimate the value of their surroundings.Society had given the idea that where you are is just mundane. There is nothing special about it.  Society would probably ask me why I think  my window  view is special. It's true that there is some merit in the idea that you should go explore  things that are outside of your normal views. I think its a great idea.  Hell I can't wait  till I get the chance to see new exciting things I haven't got to yet. 

I would love to see all of this at some point in my life.
However. It's not realistic too just hope that someday you get to see a view that is better than the one you have. You need to do something else. 

Your cute. But not what I meant. Get out of here.

 No, a person needs to look outside THEIR window. Or  go for a walk in THEIR neighborhood. Maybe take a camera with them. Then a person should start to take a good look at  the places they go everyday. They may not seem that spectacular to the  world. Hell some people might even mock  them for being bland and boring. But there is surprises to be found everywhere Trust me. I know cause I had to take a walk myself.

 A few years ago. I had to take that walk. My home town was boring to me. Their seemed to be very little  things that I would call pretty. I was miserable there. But then one day I decided to just 

 Well, This.

I was so surprised by the things I  found


 Each of these are from my hometown. I took them at different times for different reasons but each time I looked upon them I began to realize the thing I had been missing. My hometown  is in a area that is considered to be pretty bare because of the climate. Most people thing it is pretty bland and up until I took a closer look I did to. I found that even in my bland town there was something amazing to be seen.  I didn't need to travel to far away places to see amazing views.I just needed to take a closer look at the things around me. I found beauty where I didn't expect it because I decided to open my eyes to it.  Now I spend my time looking for moments of beauty in my everyday life and take pictures if I can. Here are a few I have found in my college home.

 So  dear readers my question for you is this. Have you taken a walk  around your neighborhood lately. Have you looked closely?  If you haven't I suggest you get a camera and take a walk . Any thing you find  pretty or amazing take a picture. You'd be surprised at all that you find. Even in the most mundane places.

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,

Speaking of beautiful things. Look at that smile. *melts*


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