Friday, April 25, 2014

Love the Christian. Not the Opinion

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So I  am  not sure If I have mentioned before here  that I am a Christian. I believe in God. I believe he sent his son Jesus to us  to sacrifice himself for our sins because he loves us. I also  understand that not everybody ,no matter how much I persuade them, will believe that. It makes me sad but I understand.

I understand. It's fine.

I mention that only as a preface to say that I am not about to preach at you. In fact this in more amid at my brothers and sisters in Christ because we have some serious problems  going on in our religion. These misunderstanding have effected the image of Christianity to the world and I would like for anyone who reads this who isn't a christan to understand more about what Christianity is suppose to be about as well as talk to my fellow Christian's about how we present ourselves to the world. So buckle up your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen because this is about to get bumpy.

Know that I love you all. Ok?

To start out I would like to show an example of what I mean by we have problems with how the world views us brothers and sisters in Christ.  In the past year or Pope Francis  has be making the news a lot for saying things and supporting things that go against the Catholic rhetoric and seemingly something that a Christian  , much less a Christian leader would say. This a great thing.  It makes me very happy to see a pope who has a more inclusive  viewpoint

Plus he is one of the most photogenic popes we have had in a long time

Or take a recent story about the leader of a christan band who had zero problems with  homosexuality. Again it is wonderful to see.

The  problem  starts with the fact that a viewpoint like his seems new to  the world. Or at least to the media. While I know there are still a lot of bigoted viewpoints in the church and many people still hold on to those viewpoints. I want to make the point that most Christians aren't like that at all. Even a lot of Christians who may share the bigots opinions don't do it for the hate filled reason's a lot of people think they do. The problem is that those of us who want to show god's love no matter what  are the ones who are staying way to silent and those with the louder, idiotic voice are the ones the world keeps hearing.

That is what, brothers and sisters in Christ need to fix. We need to get up and show god's love and acceptance of everything. We need to show those who are jaded by the church what living in Christ is really like. We need to show the non christan world that we are not what the loud bigoted voices make us out to be. Its time for the sane Christians to show  the love that god has given to us to those who need it. 

Also when I say we need to show it . I  am being very literally. We need to SHOW it. Through  how we treat other. Show the love and forgiveness we have received by giving it to other. I know that's not easy to do. I'm not great at it either but it is important. I have seen plenty of well meaning Christians yelling at people about how they are going to help for not believe in god and  sometimes it makes me mad to see them do it because it is hard to convince someone of anything by yelling at them. I don't think I could get anyone to respect Christianity that way much less be saved.

No. We need to just live for God and show his love through our actions and if people find they want that life then tell them how. If not just continue to love and support them in every way. That is what Jesus did and that as a christan is aperson we should also strive to be like.To those of who read this and aren't Christian I hope you learned that most Christians are not  the bigots you hear yelling. Instead they are that friend who asks you if you need prayer because that is the best way they know

So dear readers, What  do yo think about this. Are you a christan who has a similar problem that I have with are religion? Do you think it is less of a problem or more of one? Do you think  there is another problem I didn't hit on. ( I am always up for learning something I didn't know). Same  things to my readers of other faiths or non faith. Is their something you think I missed about the world's view of Christianity?
Let me know in the comments in below.

That's all for now. Have a Blessed Day,


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