Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Of The Things I Love About College

 Song of the Day: Ordinary People - John Legend

So I know I have been raging on the stress life has been giving me and  if you looked at my profile you know that I am in college.

Ha. If I only had the time.

College can be stressful. That is true in spades but there are little moments when the people at your school remind you of the great possibilities that living on or going to college can bring.

And I don't mean anything like these .You perverts.

No. Today I was reminded of what groups of people can do to help  the world they live in and how much that can happen on a college campus.

First off. I was leaving class when I spotted a group of students who were actually trying to get a petition to get the school better lighting and everyone was signing it. It was inspiring to see so many people actually notice and care about a problem going on around them enough to show their support to change it. Especially because this petition may actually get somewhere unlike some online petition which despite the good intentions never actually reach the groups of people that the petition hoped to change.

Me signing online petition and hoping they get somewhere.

So I signed the petition, wished them good luck and went on my way. Then I saw something really cool farther down my  route back to my dorm.  There was a group of girls  who had a signing board for gender equality . They also had this information board to help students understand feminism a little better.

It was mostly to make men understand feminism better. They need the most help.

They also were giving out really cute balloon messages

Because Yes.

I know this things aren't super amazing but seeing things like them everyday  helps restore my faith in humanity a little bit each time on of these things are brought to light on my campus. I  see these things and  know there are people out there who want to make a change. It inspires me to want ot help change the world too.


 That's one of the reasons I love college. It's a place for people to connect and educate others on their life experiences and also get together to change injustices that they find in the world. Something that is kind of hard when you just have to find people on the street.

The meeting for groups started that way usually end up like this.

Colleges are places where information can be exchanged. New ideas can form and people can get together to do amazing things. Or just really good things like try to spread  information about feminism and help the campus get better lighting.

So Dear Readers. Are any of you still in college right now?  Are any of you in groups that want to help change things on this planet in anyway or bring new information to help enlighten people's understanding of the world? If your done with college do remember a time when you did something like that during the years you went to school?

That's it for now. Have a blessed day,


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