Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All The Little Things

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   So something magical happened a few nights ago. I had one of those moments  of epiphany where suddenly something that I never fully understood  or accepted about myself and the way I effect other people was reveled to me. It looked kind of like this in my head.

Much better than some boring old light-bulb


    So what led to the image of Sam and Dean Winchesters gaping mouths of excitement to fester into my brain? The answer to that is  something so simple  that I had overlooked  it  by default. With that statement it is time to elaborate.

 So back in high school, which for  me was whopping two years ago, I was in  my school  color guard. For  those people who don't know what I'm talking about here is the wiki page take a second to look it over. I'll wait

Color Guard

So that was what i was in. Now we always had a our own camp just the guard before band camp started and in the final night we had a sort of initiation.We would get rounded up in the middle of the night, blindfolded, walked around a little bit then we would go to a certain place and have a ceremony we called candlelight. Here  the whole guard plus any alumni and our directors would come and light a candle and share stories about our group. It was great fun and sine now I have graduated I come as an alumni I get to come and see the bright new faces as they embark on the journey of colorguard. So this is where I was at when it happened.

Now last spring we have a thing called winterguard which was a competitive season of just guard where we combined my old high school and a college guard ( which I was spinning for) we had only a few interested girls, mostly from my high school but we were a good little group and we learned ( or my cause taught) a lot and i did get to know the girls i spun with a little bit but i never got very close and I had no idea if anyone of them would miss me at all.

Which is why when I went to the candlelight and two  of the girls who had spun with me come up and ( one of them nearly knocked me to the ground) expressed how much they missed me and tell me about what was going on. It took me for a bit of a suprise because I had not spend really any time with these  girls outside of guard functions and It takes me a while to make close connections with people. So for two girls who I didn't get to know to terribly well to have missed me as much as the did really hit me hard. That had not happen to me before that I can remember. So I was left thinking what led to this strong of a bond.

I started to think about the season and as I did  a picture  started to form of small moments.  The help with a toss that I gave.The  small conversation during practice or the longer ones on the bus to competitions. It was all the take it for granted moments. All The Little Things.

I think a certain level we don't realize the effect we have on other people. We know they see and hear us  and even spending time with someone means that you at least know them fairly well but it takes moments like things to remind you that it can be more than even what a person  consciously take in. This epiphany  filled me with great joy as a person who has felt fairly invisible all her life to know that even the little things I did made a difference is those girls life. This also makes me think about how I live each day because those little things you do really do count.

So the question I have for anybody who reads this  is their  a person in your life that you only have talked to a little but they miss you  a lot or vice versa? Have you talked to them recently? Also how do you live day to day with the people you are  around because it is making an effect whether you know it or not.

That's all for now. Have a blessed day

The Doctor says live long and prosper. Yes I am that much of a geek.


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